Saturday, March 15, 2014

Edward Stevenson reports from Hickman County, Tennessee 1878

On this day in 1878.......

Friday, March 15, 1878

         "Missionary work. -- Elder Edward Stevenson writes from Shady Grove, Hickman County, Tennessee. He and Elder Hyrun Clark are laboring in that part. The branch of the church there numbers 17. It was organized by Henry G Boyle. There is another small branch, at a place called Totty's Bend. It was organized by Elders Sharp and Argyle. A man and woman were recently baptized there. The people come to meeting at night over the 'clay hills' carrying torches to light them on their way. Many of the houses in that part of the country have no windows, rendering them particulary cold and airy in the winter.
          Elders Stevenson and Clark are laboring assiduously, holding meetings and preaching at every available opportunity."

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