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Elder Albert Lorenzo Cullimore (an Index)

One of the things I try to do when I start studying a particular missionary or just about anyone else, is sort out the sequence of events. When I have the luxury of multiple sources, I line them up to see if they agree with each other. In this case, my subject was Elder Cullimore. I have several sources; his own mission recollections, along with newspaper articles and official church records. I don't do this with every person I research. But it helps when I have several sources of varying reliability. This also lets me compare stories. If I am lucky, I'll find somethings his companions wrote about him, though I am seldom that lucky.

1895 Sep 27 Set Apart
 Albert L. Cullimore Starts his Mission (part 1)
1895 Oct 2 Paired with Erastus Snow Larsen. Worked in Bedford County.
Albert L. Cullimore in Bedford County (part 2)
...the voice said "Leave," and our lives were spared - Elder Cullimore Part 6
The Wealthiest Man in Your Community - Elder Cullimore, Part 7
1896 Feb 8 Mentioned in Deseret News (DN) article. Working with James S. Farrell
1896 Apr 3 Mentioned in DN article. Working with Joseph D C Young.
1896 Apr 27 Paired with Robert George Archibald. Worked in Lawrence County
1896 May 4 Mentioned as working in Lawrence County with Archibald.
1896 May or Jun Traveled to Summertown (Lawrence County) with Elder Yardley.
"They All Know Me Around Here" - Elder Cullimore, Part 11
1896 Jun 27 Paired with John Jacklin. Worked in Lawrence County.
1896 Jun 28 Mentioned in DN article.
1896 Aug 5 Mentioned in DN article.
1896 Aug 15 Mentioned in DN article.
1896 Sep 18 Paired with Charles Collett Worked in Chester County.
1897 Jan 4 Mentioned in DN article.
1897 Jan 18 "Bring Them Outside" Elder Cullimore, Part 9
1897 Jan 31 Mentioned in the Southern Star as being "Mobbed"
"The Cyclone Came and Passed about 100 Yards from the House" - Elder Cullimore, Part 10
1897 Apr ?? Assigned as traveling/training Elder
1897 Apr 16 Mentioned by Elder Collett as his former companion.
The Unexpected Pin - Elder Cullimore Part 8
Albert L. Cullimore in Harden County (part 3)
1897 May 8 DN Article. Trained Isaac Ensign Freeman. Worked in Harden County.
1897 Dec 18 Mentioned
1897 Dec ?? Trained Milburn Benton Poole. Worked in Perry County.
Elder Cullimore and the Return of the Church to Cane Creek Part 4.
Elder Cullimore (Part 5)
1898 Feb 9 Additional baptisms at Cane Creek
1898 Mar ?? Cane Creek Branch re-organized
1898 Jul 24 Mentioned in DN article. Spoke at Mid Tenn Conf
1898 Aug 11 Released

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