Monday, April 2, 2012

Roberts Tennessee

Roberts Tennessee is a small unincorporated town in Putnam County about halfway between Baxter and Silver Point along Interstate 40, 12 miles west of Cookeville.

In 1915 one missionary wrote about his visit to Roberts, Tennessee
"The elders are all enjoying their labors in the country, after having been in the cities so long. We find a great change in the people. People who a year ago did not care to entertain the Mormon Elders, are now anxious to have them in their homes and hold meetings with them. On Friday, Feb. 19, Elders [Cyrus]Yeaman, [John H.] Stevenson and myself [Ira Gardner], held a hall meeting at Roberts, Tenn., and had a splendid attendance of attractive listeners. After the meeting we were asked to hold another meeting the next night,which we did, and stayed over with them Sunday. Upon leaving Monday morning we had eight invitation in homes of people who were seeking after truth. We could mention many circumstances similar to that at Roberts, in our four weeks' trip through the country."

I have not been able to track down the results of their efforts, or if there are any descendents of those they met with who are in the church today. Do any of my regular readers know this? Today, Roberts, Tennessee is part of the Burgess Falls Ward.


Jeriann said...

George Calvin Keeling and his wife Nancy Elizabeth Newborn are also some of the early members of the church in Tennessee. George Calvin Keeling is the great grandfather of my husband.

BruceCrow said...

Check out his post. It lists George but not Nancy.

I have a scan of the page in the original record book. Send me your email address (bruce_crow at yahoo dot com)and I'll send you a copy.