Monday, January 23, 2012

Southern Colorado's Mormon Trail Digitation Program

Many of the saints who emigrated from Tennessee during the late 19th century, ended up in Colorado. Recently I found a site which is collecting photos documenting this. The collection is sponsored by the Alamosa Public Library System at their Southern Peaks Public Library [SPPL] building.

Old Mormon Trails, Colorado

SPPL received a grant from the Colorado Digitization Program (CDP) for a scan center in the library! We have scanned historical photos of early Mormon settlers that you can view from this web site. See what we have digitized!

You can find the collection at the bottom of this page, or go there directly. The first page is an index, showing a thumbnail of 12 photos at a time. The captions are visible only after clicking on the link to each photo.


Bessie said...

Thank you for this interesting link. I spent a little time there yesterday, and was pleased to see the inside of the store at Manassa, Colorado where John Morgan and others would have shopped. There were a lot of pictures and names I'd like to review. It looks as though an entirely different line of Morgans from the southern states also settled in that area.

BruceCrow said...

Bessie, I thought this might interest you.