Monday, December 19, 2011

Shop Springs Serendipity

One of the things I like about doing historical research on Tennessee is that I am in Tennessee. Among other things, it means I can visit the places I read about. Regular readers will recall a post about William S. Berry and his visit to Wilson County just before his death.

Recently I was helping a friend pick up somethings he bought on Craigslist. Our travels took us to Wilson County along the very same road William Berry took from Lebanon to Shop Springs. I was actually surprised and excited when we passed the sign. I turned to my friend and began explaining how I knew the name. It must have shown how excited I was. I try not to bore my friends with history, unless they ask, but this caught me offguard. I started rambling, and he nodded politely.

Shop Springs wasn't much of town when Elder Berry went through, really just a post office. It isn't much bigger today. But I did get a chance to ask around to see if anyone had heard of a Dresdon nearby. Sadly, no. But the people were all very friendly. Lunch at a very local restaurant in nearby Watertown (5 miles away) was certainly worth it.

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Michelle said...

Hi, I know this has nothing to do with your blog, but I knew kinglun nip. I saw a post from 2008 that he died. I didn't know this. Could you send me your email address? He represented my sister for some things when he lived in Seattle.
Thanks, Michelle