Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Elder Pratt Jr. Flees to .... Culleoka, Tenn.

[This is a continuation of a series on Parley P. Pratt Jr.]

Not to be dissuaded by a little persecution in Columbia, Elder Pratt and Stuart went on to the next town.

Passing on some eight miles south into the Cullecka [Culleoka] district, school-houses were opened to us and we were even invited to preach in their churches; but as soon as we began to get influence with the people, the wolves in sheep clothing began to howl. Doors were closed against us, and we had to resort to private houses, and to the open grove to hold our meetings. Even then they were not satisfied, for the Elders of the Cumberland church drove us from an eleven acre plot of ground and declared we should not have a chance to speak to the people.
Notwithstanding the many lying reports circulated against us, and the opposition, an intelligent and much respected young man by the name of Hamblen, and his wife, came forward on April 17, and received the ordinance of baptism. Several families are believing and the prospects are that some others will be added to the Church.
A couple of months later enough people at Culleoka joined the Church for a branch to be formed.

Since our last letter we have baptized four persons, ordained a Brother L.F. Hamblen to the office of an Elder, and organized a small branch of the Church at Culboke [Culleoka], consisting of six members.
Leander Franklin Hamblen and his wife Frances very shortly afterwards joined the saints who had gathered at Manassa, Colorado, showing up on the 1880 Federal Census with their three children.

Elders Pratt and Stuart also taught in Pulaski, TN and in a few towns across the Alabama state line. In Alabama they had the privilege of meeting someone unexpectedly.

We also, on June 13, visited J.J. Barclay, ex-United States minister to Turkey. His wife is the youngest daughter of the late noted Rev. Alexander Campbell. She is a generous and fine spirited woman. She sang and played for us several pieces of music, and in return we showed them a copy of the Book of Mormon, and left them some strong testimonies of its divine origin. They seemed to be deeply and favorably impressed.
Both Elder Pratt and Elder Stuart were released to return home and Elder Joseph Argyle became the next President of the Tennessee Conference.

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