Friday, April 22, 2011

Milen, Tennessee: Pelted with Eggs Number Four

[This the final installation of my series on Elders being attacked with eggs instead of guns. See earlier installments here 1, 2 , & 3]

Oct 1900

Elders T. S. Karren and J. M. Redd went into the little city of Milan  (pronounced "MY-lunn"), Gibson county, Tenn. They interviewed the Mayor, and from him obtained permission to canvass the city and preach on the streets. The Elders at once proceeded with their labors, and at night were out on the streets for the purpose of holding meeting. Near the close of their services' they were pelted with rotten eggs. This, of course, created confusion, and gave rise to a disturbance, which was soon brought to a quietus by the night watchman, who rode into the crowd with a pack of hounds. One good fellow, whose heart was truly Christian, cared for the Elders over night, and the next morning they sallied forth with undaunted determination to do the Master's will. They were met by the Mayor and police, who commanded them to leave town, the chief executive saying, "If you do not you will be severely punished." The Elders, remembering the words of Jesus, "If they persecute you in one city floe to the next," departed, and left that burg.


Ardis E. Parshall said...

I guess somebody needs to ask --

How do so many people happen to have so many rotten eggs available?

BruceCrow said...

I have a whole bunch right here (don't ask). But for me to take them to a meeting would involve some premeditation. For seveal people to do it at the same meeting sounds like a conspiracy.

Bookslinger said...

Hey Elder! This is great! They're treating us like prophets!