Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Conference President

What follows is a letter from Elder Dawson, President of the East Tennessee Conference, to the Latter Day Saint Soutthern Star.

East Tennessee Conference
By Elder W. E. Dawson. To The Star.
Milligan, Tenn., March 2, 1899.

It was with great pleasure we greeted our beloved President, Ben E. Rich, with his ever smiling countenance and words of kindness and fatherly advice.

Our session or conference was held on March 7th, 1809, at Milligan, Tenn., in the Hart's chapel, seventeen miles northwest of Knoxville.

The gist of the instruction given by President Rich was taken down and will be converted into a circular letter and mailed to each pair of Elders for thorough study, in connection with the other inspired instructions contained in the Scriptures.

On the evening of the same day a public meeting was held at which an excellent sermon was delivered.

Wednesday morning the Elders all met again and were assigned to their respective fields, feeling to rejoice in the rich flow of the Spirit that prevailed. The new President, Elder W. E. Dawson, with his two counselors, F. B. Hammond, Jr., and John Peterson, were unanimously sustained, with Elder R. T. Mitchell as Sunday school superintendent.

The Elders greatly enjoyed the cordial hospitality of Saints and friends who will forever be remembered in their petitions to our father in heaven.

We all feel to bear testimony that the visit of our President ,was productive of much good. We return to our labor with humble prayer that we may be able to abide by all the counsel given. We hope that our future conferences will be held in large cities, feeling that many "benefits will be derived thereby.

Elder R. T. Mitchell, the Sunday school superintendent, was detailed to call out the local Elders, thereby increasing outworking force, and also redound to their everlasting benefit, viz., preaching to their fellow men the new light they have received.

Like most conference reports, every thing is wonderful. But it was not to last.

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