Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Roxena Mecham Carter

Father bought a piece of land in a field and built a shanty to live in until he could build a house. He went away one afternoon and didn’t get back til late in the night. While he was gone a big thunderstorm came up. It happened that a young man named Henry Snelson was plowing in the field. It rained so hard, Mother got him to come into the house. The storm was so bad he stayed all night because we were alone. Father came in at 11:00 o’clock. Just then the house was struck with lightning and nearly all the roof torn from over our heads. I was struck and to all appearance dead; for half hour my eyes knock loose from my head. Father pressed them back as he laid his hands on me. ... and asked the Lord to restore me to life. ... I was blind for four weeks from the effects of the lightning.


Tod Robbins said...


I'm related to Roxen! Very cool lady.

Tod Robbins said...

There's supposed to be an "a" on there. ;-)