Friday, December 31, 2010

I will open the doors for you

It occurred on the night of June 3 [1899] at Salem Church, James county, Tennessee. We had an appointment for meeting, but when we reached the designated place we found the doors of the church locked. A good modern Christian (?), one who superintends the Baptist Sunday school and sits in the "amen" corner at their periodical religious hurrahs, had performed this heathenish deed and skulked away to laugh and soliloquize over his night's work. "O, Father, I am thy good servant. Tonight I have done a righteous deed in locking the doors of Thy church against the Mormon Elders. Bless me, Heavenly Father, for this brave act of mine."

Father, forgive him. He thinks he is doing Thee service in persecuting Thy servants. Soften his heart and cause that he might see his wrong and repent of his sins and accept the true doctrines of Christ, the Gospel in its purity and fullness.

Some of our friends wanted to break the doors open and ring the bell, but we constrained them not to, telling them that we would preach in the dark. By 8 o'clock a large crowd of men and women, boys and girls., had assembled to hear the doctrine of the people that were "everywhere spoken evil of." A light was procured, and under the blue canopy of heaven, with no protector but God, and no comforter but the Holy Spirit, for nearly two hours we portrayed to them the Gospel in its beauty, and fearlessly bore our testimonies unto them. Stillness pervaded the place of meeting. The sweet and divine influence of the Holy Spirit thrilled us through nnd through and our warning voices, under its guidance, had the desired effect. The people became our friends. Sunday the doors were opened nnd we were privileged to hold two rousing meetings, causing many to investigate. Mr. Taley, the trustee, and a very dear friend of ours, told us when we left. "Come back, boys, nnd I will go and open the doors for you."


[editors note: James County was formed in 1871 from a portion of Hamilton County. Unfortunately the county went bankrupt in 1919 and was merged back with Hamilton County. Salem]


Anonymous said...

Re: editor's note. So when California goes bankrupt, will it be divided up and murge with other states?

Jettboy said...

I want you to know that I have enjoyed reading your blog and have included it in My personal list of Faithful blogs. Thank you.

BruceCrow said...

I'll pass on your suggestion to my parents who live there.

BruceCrow said...

Thank you. I noticed some visitors were coming from your site.