Monday, October 4, 2010

Larson, Tennessee

Situated in the hills of southern Tennessee is a small one room church house. In 1913, when this photo was taken, the closest post office was at Larson, Tennessee. At the time the chapel was just four years old. and was the start of a very successfull branch of the LDS Church. By the time the photo was published the post office closed down. Eventually the area came to be called Northcutt's Cove after the LDS family that lived there. Accompanying the photo was the following description.

Elder Marion P Hutchings, President of the East Tennessee Conference, reports that the work of the Lord has never looked more encouraging than in that place at present. "The counties and towns in the past who have bitterly opposed us to us are now receiving the elders. The churches and school houses are being opened up for our use all through the conference and the people seem to be much more anxious to hear the glorious truths of 'Mormonism.' On July 24th, six of the elders met with the saints and friends at Larsen, where we have a beautiful little church and about fifty members. This was the first entertainment of the kind ever held in this section of the country. The elders laboring here are:  James L Marler, Lewiston, Idaho; George A. Sampson, Delta, Utah; Charles R Bennett, Holbrook, Idaho; Conference President Marion P. Hutchings, Beaver, Utah; Orson M. Sprague, Mesquite Nevada; Earl B Hales, Riverside, Utah."

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