Monday, July 19, 2010

Benton County LDS History

In the a book of Benton County, Tennessee history I found the following quote.

"The Mormons or Latter-day Saints caused a great stir in the county when their zealous missionaries began preaching in the scattered communities in 1834. A prominent citizen, D. Wilson M Sarrett of Beaverdam Valley, wrote in his family bible, "David Patten and Warren Parish natives of New York belonging to the church of the latter Day Saints preached at my house on Wednesday the 14th. Inst. Oct 1834" The missionaries penned there under. "We the above named D.W. Patten and W. Parish believe in the law and the prophets, also in the New Testament and in all the Revelations that God has given us in these last days to govern and build up his children as at the beginning"

I thought I might do some digging into who Mr Sarrett was. Turns out the "D." stands for Doctor. Besides being a medical doctor, he served in the war of 1812. His full name was Wilson McMurry Sarrett. He married Isabella Stevenson on 7 Oct 1824. She passed away in 18 Jul 1847. In 1848 he married Catherine Miller. Wilson's parents were Lt. John Sarrett and Mary McMurry. His father served in the American Revolutionary War. Wilson also served on at least one Grand Jury.

Wilson died in March 1860 in Tennessee. The family bible listed above was listed in his will and was passed on to his son Washington L. Sarrett. There is no indication Wilson or any of his family ever developed an interest in the LDS Church.

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