Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Memphis Tennessee Sunday School 1923

Most of the earliest events of Church history if Tennessee were in middle Tennessee. But there were members in other parts of Tennessee. This photo reminds us just how many there were. A quick reading of the names doesn't spark any memories for me, but maybe they will for one of you.

Back row, reading from left to right: Mission Elder George M. Nelson, Sister Edwyna Stewart, Sister S. M. Grimes, Sister N. B. Patterson, Sister N. E. Jakes, Sister F. A. Guest, local Elder H. L. Stewart, Superintendent of Sunday School.

Second row: Sister M. B. Barrow, Local Elder C. M. Capel, Local Elder W. S. Featherston, 1st Asst. Superintendent and Secretary; Sisters D. A. Gibson, M .A. Barrow, Ora Barrow, and M. M. Featherston, Sunday School Organist; Sister A. Gulbransen, Primary Teacher; Sister H. O. Fulcher, Sister T. A. Conn, president of Relief Society.

Third row: Sister R. L. Featherston, A. B. Maynard, T. O. Mitchem, Sister M. B. Strickland, Sister B. L. Britt, Sister D. I. Maynard, H. B. Guest, O. V. Mitchem, Sister E. M Featherston.

Fourth row, kneeling. Local Elder W. T. Mitchem, Mission Elder H. V. Mendenhall, Local Elder C. P. Maynard, Second Assistant Superintendent and Theological Teacher, Mission Elder R. V. Christensen, and Mission Elder A. Christensen.

Published in the JI April 1923

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