Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Utah School of Beersheba Springs, Tennessee

Beersheba Springs is a small historic resort community in Grundy County northeast of Altamont, Tennessee. It has retained a significant number of historic buildings including the cabins built as vacation homes. These cabins are owned by families which have been passed down for nearly 150 years. The atmosphere remains small with a population of about 500 and family centered.

When one of the two schools burned down, all the students were sent to the other school. But residents did not like their children having to walk the extra distance to remaining school [It was only a mile]. So in 1913 a school board member promised to provide a new one room school and a single teacher. Land was donated by the McCarver family. Because of the large number of Mormons in the area, several of whom were "from the State of Utah", the school board named it the Utah School.

The school was built using logs and housed grades one through eight. At some point the log building was replaced with a brick one built by Henry L. Brown. The brick building was used until 1959 when the schools in the area were consolidated and bus service was provided for the students to go to Altamont, 5 miles to the southwest.

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