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Robert Edge by Elder Belnap Part 4

[Below is the continuation of an article written by Hyrum Belap about Robert Edge. Hyrum was responsible for telling the most detailed stories about this mysterious preacher. He wrote years after the fact and for the purpose of telling it to an audience. Like most stories, his tale was more detailed than the earlier versions]

Many of the honest in heart gathered around him and began to enquire from whence he came and where could this kingdom of God be found that he had so beautifully described. They still received no satisfaction as to where he came from, but the kingdom of God, said he, is located within these United States.

To give you a better idea how Mr. Edge was questioned and how peculiar his answers were I will relate an instance.

While working the road one day the boys began remarking among themselves how hard it was to find out who this Mr. Edge was and where he had come from. At this one Jones, a Baptist deacon spoke up in a very determined manner, saying, “Why, I’ll dig him up this evening.”

Mr. Edge had an appointment for a meeting in a private house that evening near by. As it happened he stayed with the family where he held meeting that night. At supper Mr. Edge had eaten but very little, when he pushed back from the table and began pacing the floor as though somewhat uneasy. However, in a few moments he turned to the family and remarked, “I am going to be tempted by the devil this evening thru a man.”

Soon the young people began gathering in from all directions, anticipating some fun between Jones, the deacon, and our strange preacher.

Just as the last rays of the sparkling sun sank behind the horizon Mr. Edge discovered a man climbing the fence a few hundred yards off as if coming to meeting. Turning to the family he remarked, “Here comes the gentleman now.” On his arrival it proved to be Jones, the deacon.

By this time a goodly number had gathered in and Mr. Edge had taken his seat in the far end of the room beside a small table containing his Bible and hymn book. When Mr. Jones came in he deliberately walked across the room and sat down beside Mr. Edge. After a few moments silence Mr. Jones enquired, “My friend, where are you from?”

Mr. Edge looked from his Bible as if somewhat astonished and replied, “From about six miles,” meaning the next neighborhood where he had just left.

Mr. Jones—“What church do you belong to?”
Mr. Edge—“The Church of God, sir.”
Mr. Jones—“Where is it?”
Mr. Edge—“In the United States.”
Mr. Jones—“You have been speaking about one being ordained before he had the right to preach. By whom were you ordained?”
Mr. Edge—“By Jesus Christ, sir.”
Mr. Jones—“Where?”
Mr. Edge—“In Eternity.”
Mr. Jones—“How long have you been preaching?”
Mr. Edge—“About eighteen hundred years.”
At this point Mr. Jones sprang to his feet and walked away in disgust.

On another occasion Mr. Edge pronounced the secret societies as being man-made institutions thru which the devil operated. In referring to Masonry he said, “Although this institution dates its origin many centuries back, it is only a perverted priesthood, stolen from the temples of the most High.” After giving several signs of the Masonic order he testified that Jesus Christ Himself was the chief and master Mason.

In order to give a better understanding how he explained the prophetic visions of ancient men of God, I will refer to a favorite text of his when contrasting the powers of God and the world and the length of time Satan will bear rule. Rev. ll:1-3. “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood saying, ‘Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein. But the court that is without the temple leave out and measure it not, for it is given unto the Gentiles and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.’”

The inner courts he explained as the courts of God filled with the brightness of the Lord’s glory. The outer courts as the Kingdoms of this world that had been placed in the hands of the Gentiles. In like manner he explained the wheel within a wheel. The time the Gentiles should possess the outer kingdoms he positively declared would expire in this generation, after which Jesus Christ would rule.

To be continued...

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