Thursday, February 25, 2010

The LDS Mission Network

In one of my more recent projects I have run across the question of when did this mission begin and when was it replaced. The answer, most of the time could be found at The LDS Mission Network.

This site contains a fair amount of detail about when missions were organized and from which missions they were created. If the mission has a website, it includes the link. I was looking for the Southern States Mission. From the home page I followed a link to the Mission Index (on the left side bar), and scrolled down to Southen States Mission. Notice the link is gray? Even though it is gray, it still works. Links in blue are current missions. The globes next to the link are websites. Gray links are historic missions.

Following the Southern States Mission link I learn that the mission was organized on Nov 1st 1876, and that it was replaced on Jun 1st 1971 by the Georgia-South Carolina Mission. This is where I start having to dig deeper for the information I want. For example, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina were moved into the East Central States Misison in 1928. Texas and Louisiana were moved into their own mission in 1931. Florida and Alabama were carved out in 1960. By 1971 the Southern States Mission was not as large as it once was.

Regardless of the limitations of the format, the site is a wealth of information. It was fun just to explore for a bit even without a specific research question.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I wasn't aware of the site, either.


BruceCrow said...

Glad you found something new, Hunter