Sunday, January 24, 2010

Congregations in Lewis County Tennessee

On my last trip through Lewis County I noticed that just about every church I passed was "Church of Christ". It surprised me, because I had always thought of Tennessee as firmly in the Southern Baptist Convention. So I started to pull some data.

Turns out that there are 17 Church of Christ congregations in Lewis County. But only 6 Southern Baptist congregations. The clincher is the size of the congregations. There are 2,032 total Baptists in Lewis County, but only 1,663 total members of the Church of Christ.

These numbers are a blend from 1990 and 2000, so they are a little old. The total population of Lewis County in 2000 was 11,367. The survey methods actually locate all adherents in the county the congrgation is located. So all LDS members for Lewis Count would be reported in Maury County or Perry County depending upon the Ward to which they belong.

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