Thursday, February 4, 2010

British Mormon History

I recently came across a site on British LDS History called It really reminds me of the quality of the "Millenial Star" that the Saints in Britain put together on their own. Unlike some other early LDS publication, the British saints kept it together until it was replaced by the Liahona. The site is well organized and covers a broad array of topics and interests. But it does so with the understanding that Mormon History is not just what happened in America in general and Utah specifically. And British Mormon History is not just what the missionaries did in Great Britain.

To be honest I'm a little jealous they came up with it first. I have been mulling over something like this for a couple of months for the Southern States. Perhaps a reborn "Latter Day Saint Southern Star." Perhaps this British site is a good example of how it can be done.


Jared T. said...

Thanks for the notice, AMH. I find it hilarious that the one footnote on the main page you link to is to a Susan EB publication that makes a point that the site author is debunking. Classic!

A solo blog is often a thankless task, keep up the good work.

Amy said...

I was just thinking the other day about the limitations of the Blogger format. It's been great for getting material out there, and the fact that the material is then available for a Google search is a real benefit for bringing together people with a common research interest.

But Blogger presents some challenges with the hierarchical organization of the information. I've resorted to using labels, and for someone like John Morgan who has so many entries, I've written a post with links to the most important entries. Takes quite a bit of busy work.

That sounds like a great idea to have a blog like the British one. If you start up a site about the history of the Southern States Mission, I'd be happy to help with some content, although I certainly couldn't offer any help on the website-development end of things.

BruceCrow said...

Thanks for the kudos. It is nice to be noticed.

Yes, the Blogger format is certainly limited. But is free and easy to get started.

Thanks for the offer. The alternative to blogger is certainly more work than I could take on alone. Such a site should be more than just my posts (or yours) reorganized into a user friendly format. Anyone else want to contribute or make suggestions?

Susan W H said...

Thanks, I haven't checked on this site lately, so you reminded me to do so. I see they have added new information. The information on British Mission Statistics and the Emigration Voyages has been especially helpful for me.

Most of all I appreciate that the site provides the International Journal at no cost. You might find the article on Andrew Jensen in Vol. 2 to be interesting. I've read so much of his work but knew little about him until now.

BruceCrow said...

I haven't even gone through the whole site yet so I did not know about the International Journal. I must look at that next. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jared said: "on the main page you link to is to a Susan EB publication that makes a point that the site author is debunking. Classic!"

What do you mean? Do you mean that the site has wrongly used a SEB book to debunk traditional Mormon history, or that the SEB weakens the site