Saturday, December 19, 2009

News from the Tenneessee Conference [1878]

I do like to read through newspaper articles to get a feel for how events were viewed when they were "current". Plus you never know what kind of details you might find.

Local and Other Matters

From Friday’s Daily, Mar. 15. [1878]

Missionary work. – Elder Edward Stevenson writes from Shady Grove, Hickman County, Tennessee. He and Elder Hyrum Clark are laboring in that part. The branch of the Church there numbers 17. It was organized by Elder H. G. Boyle. There is another small branch, at a place called Totty’s Bend. It was organized by Elder Sharp and Argyle. A man and woman were recently baptized there. The people come to meeting at night over the “clay hills” carrying torches to light them on their way. Many of the houses in that part of the country have no windows, rendering them particularly cold and airy in winter.

Elder Stevenson and Clark are laboring assiduously, holding meetings and preaching at every available opportunity

[In that very same article [dated March 20, 1878] in the Deseret News was the following paragraph]

The Keepapitchinin was pitched out of existence in 1870. As its editor’s announced intention was to publish “semi occasionally,” it is liable to resuscitation. After all it may not be dead, but merely sleeping.

I think Keepapitchinin is no longer sleeping


Amy said...

What an interesting letter, with some curious images: carrying torches over the clay hills; the "cold and airy" houses.

And that's a fun note about Keepapitchinin!

Ardis Parshall said...

Best news you've ever posted! :)

BruceCrow said...

The image the writer conveys is vivid yet archaic. We don't write that way in newspapers today.

I saw that little paragraph and I had to include it.