Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Mission of William Don Carlos Markham

William was born on January 6th, 1885 1855 to Stephen Markham and Mary Curtis in Palmyra, Utah  (His sister, Julina Markham, is my great grandmother).

Don was always cheerful, generous, and ready to lend a hand. One day when some neighbors came to buy a load of straw, Don went out with them and helped load the wagon and then rode home with them to unload it. When they asked how much they owed him for his labor, and the straw, he just laughed and said., "Imagine anyone charging for a load of straw". He stayed and had dinner for his pay. Biography of William D. C. Markham

He married Sarah Ann Warner on June 28th, 1878. The two had five children: Mary, Sarah, William, Bertha, and Stephen.

In 1884 he was ordained a Seventy and in May 1885 he was called on a mission to the Southern States. He arrived in the South West Tennessee conference on May 13th, 1885.

On July 18th 1886, Elder Markham held a church court in the Beech Creek Branch where four members of the branch were excommunicated.  We know, however, that not all four apostized at the same time. One of the members, Amanda C Queen, had turned from the church late in 1883, and so this was likely an effort to clean up church records. [I have checked newspapers, missionary journals, and mission newspapers. I have not found any more about this. Any suggestions?]

On December 21st, 1886 he baptized Emma Evans, the daughter of Zachariah and Phebe Evans. On January 7th, 1887 he ordained brother Zachariah Evans to the office of Priest.On May 8th, 1887 he and his companion, Elder George W. Stanger, baptized Elbert S. Bigham, Barbara Ann Bigham (nee Fisher) and Arminta Beechum (nee Busby) of Houston County who formed the core of the future Turkey Creek Branch and on May 16th, 1887 members of the Debusk family of Stewart County. They also blessed several children of members throughout 1887. William served until November 22nd 1887.

After his return to Spanish Fork, Utah, converts from his mission would sometimes come to stay with them. He and Sarah had 7 more children: Effie, Lucy, Otella, Joseph, George, Ora, and Verneia. William spend his last years in Church service, as Bishop of the Leland Ward. He died on May 9, 1908.


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When was he born? You say 1885, but based on other dates in the story, that obviously isn't correct.

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You are, of course, correct. I will fix the date.