Sunday, December 27, 2009

Greene County Mobbing: Part 1

Sometimes I troll books for hints to Tennessee's LDS history. In Andrew Jensen's Church Chronology is an entry for May 1905.

Mon 1 - Elders Frederick Jacob Sorensen and Oluf Jensen were brutally treated by a mob In Tennessee.
So I started looking for more detail on this mobbing and I found it in The Elders Journal June 1, 1905, Page 63.
On the night of May 1, Elders F. J. Sorensen and Oluf Jensen were assaulted by a mob of men and women. The outrage occurred immediately after the brethren had closed their meeting, and was led by two women of middle age, who are doing missionary work in East Tennessee. One of the women, Miss Amy A. Smith, is from Ohio, and is a graduate of the Oberlin College, of the Presbyterian faith; the other female, Miss Euphemia Davidson, is a graduate of then Moody Institute of Chicago, and is of the Methodist sect. These Christian missionary votaries led the band of ruffians, they threw the first stones, smashed the lamps carried by the Elders, and urged, as well as helped, the gang on in their work of pelting the brethren with stones and hounding them through the woods. Eight days later Elders Sorenson and W. L. Batty were attacked by members of the same tribe, who continued their assault with stones, and afterwards threw Brother Sorenson into the creek.

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