Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Online Mormon Research Sources

I realized the other day, that one of the results of my adventure in Mormon history research, is that I have collected a number of Online Research Tools. Some times I have fetured them here. But I haven't collected them into one spot. Well, I'm not going to start now. That would take more time than I really want to dedicate at the moment. Plus it would be out of date pretty quick and would take even more time to keep current. So I've settled on a compromise. I'll label each online source I feature on my blog and when some one wants to take a look at what I have found they can click here or below. When I feature new ones, I'll add the label to the post and they will automatically be added to the list. And if something needs to be removed from the list, well, let me know. I can't promise to find it first. I am only one person. And along the same lines, if you see a site you think I might find pretty cool (in a history geek sort of way), let me know.

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Amy said...

Thanks, Bruce. Great list.