Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mormon Publications of the 20th Century

I have usually avoided the 20th Century of Mormon History. There was something a little too current about the names and places. To avoid possibly reporting on someone still alive, and copyright violations, I have stayed in the 19th century. But many of the people I am researching have a habit of living past 1900. So I will need to probe more current resources from time to time.

BYU hosts a useful site with electronic copies of a handfull of 20th Century publications called, curiously enough Mormon Publications of the 20th Century. Like other similar sites, the interface can be slow and cumbersome. Searches often return nearly every item in the archive making it difficult to focus your time. Unlike other sites, entires file cannot be downloaded. for offline reading. The only option is to save individual articles as a .pdf file. Unlike some .pdf files online the text of these can be hilighted and copied, which is a lot easier than transcribing.

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