Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bryan Ward Peck

Elder Bryan Ward Peck arrived in Tennessee in October 1899, and was assigned to serve in the Middle Tennessee Conference. But it wasn't long (February 1900) before this 22 year old became ill. First measles, and then acute bronchitis weakened him before probably pneumonia set in and causing his death on February 27, 1900. Although his illness was quick and lasted less than two weeks, he did not complain. It was thought he would recover until the 24th when he took a turn for the worst. His last days were spent at the home of Brother Andy Vaugn and his family in Putnum County Tennessee. Also with him were his mission companion Elder Don C. Brimhall, Elder J. H. Belnap, and President of the Middle Tennessee Conference J. Urban Allred. A doctor had been called for and was treating him for several days but to no avail. His body was embalmed and sent home to Idaho. Elder Peck was unmarried and survived by only his parents and nine siblings.


Ardis Parshall said...

A nice memorial.

I'm grateful to members who opened their home to a gravely ill missionary. Being ill in a strange place would be hard; at least he could be among friends, God bless them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Peck was buried at the Thatcher cemetery, which is in Caribou County, Idaho.

Ryan Moore