Monday, September 21, 2009

Lewis County LDS Church Membership in 1910

Another recent find in my research was a list of LDS Church members in Tennessee by county compiled in 1910. I noticed recently that a few stakes made such a survey of local membership at about the same time. I wonder if this was a mandate from the Church leadershipt in Salt Lake.

By 1910, the membership of Lewis County had dropped considerably. Most had either left for Colorado following the Massacre or had renounced their membership in the Church. A few remained true and their names are recorded in 1910. I added the baptism date if I could find it from other sources.

  1 Oct 1879 Conder, William James
  4 Feb 1884 Conder (Carroll), Malinda
  4 Feb 1884 Conder, Rachel Ann
12 May 1884 Conder, Lavicia Jane
27 Dec 1897 Carroll, Marshall S.
  9 Feb 1898 Carroll, Henrietta
12 Jun 1899 Carroll, George Wesley
12 Jun 1899 Carroll, Viola Anne
12 Jun 1899 Carroll, John Richard
                    Bastian Talley

Of course, if you have been reading here long you will recognize the Conder family. They left Lewis County right after the Massacre in 1884. They probably went to Perry County where James' brother lived. The home they left behind had been burned down sometime before 1895. By 1900 the whole family were living in Lewis County again. And in 1910 they appeared on the roles of the Mormon Church. James Conder would pass away in 1911. Malinda would die in 1916. Rachel never married. Visey (Lavicia) Conder married Will Haley. Their children were never baptized.

The Carroll family are all siblings, the children of John Thomas Carroll (the nephew of Malinda Carroll) and Juda Pope. John and Juda were baptized in May 1884, and were still living in 1910. For unknown reasons, John and his wife do not appear on Mormon Church records that year. The next generation after these five children also did not appear on church records. To be honest, though, I'm starting to get into the area of living people. I'm not very good at tracking living people.

Bastian Talley is the only person I haven't identified. He may be the 12 year old son of George Thomas Talley called Basha or Basty in the 1910 or 1900 Census. George was baptized in 1884 by Elder Gibbs. The next baptism would be George's brother Horace Cooper Talley in 1949.

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