Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cane Creek Membership list

Below is a list of members (and possible members) of the Cane Creek Branch before it dissolved following the Massacre. Where I have identified the baptism date I have included it. Where I do not know the baptism date, I have estimated it but with a "?" where I am unsure about the exact date. The names with an "*" after them had emigrated to Utah or Colorado prior to the Massacre. In total I have 49 names. Twelve had already left Tennessee leaving me with 37 possibly at the Massacre.

According to the Utah Journal, the branch had 31 members at the time of the Massacre, 22 of which were baptized by Elder Gibbs. If I drop off the six I think were baptized in 1882 but for which I do not have a clear baptism date, my numbers match. The problem is I know there were more. At the very least, Lizzie Garrett, if not a couple more. So the list still needs work.

Anyway, if we add the unbaptized children of the member families plus at least one family who were just visiting (the Webbs). It starts to look like quite a crowd of people who were probably there on the day of the Massacre.

20 Jun 1879 Blanton, Burwell*
20 Jun 1879 Blanton (Tatum), Emily*
20 Jun 1879 Whitewell, Susan Palthena*
21 Sep 1879 Talley, Elisha Freeland
21 Sep 1879 Talley (Hudson), Barbara Ellen
1 Oct 1879 Conder, William James
1 Oct 1879 Lancaster, John M.
22 Nov 1879 Lancaster, Rachel*
22 Nov 1879 Lancaster (Talley), Sarah Elizabeth
28 Jan 1880 Talley, Leona
28 Jan 1880 Depriest, James Houston*
28 Jan 1880 Depriest (Talley), Margaret Eisabel*
28 Jan 1880 Depriest, Thomas Walker*
28 Jan 1880 Depriest (Talley), Margaret Ellen*
8 Feb 1880 Depriest, Pleasant W.
8 Feb 1880 Depriest (Talley), Martha E.
20 Jun 1880 Lancaster, Elizabeth
? Sep 1880 Whitwell, John Marshall*
? Sep 1880 Whitwell, Osce Jackson*
12 Dec 1881 Westbrook, John Douglas*
? ? 1882 Bastin, J. Tom
? ? 1882 Talley, James "Poole"
? ? 1882 Talley (Lancaster), Sarah Elizabeth
? ? 1882 Shaw, Lavina*
? ? 1882 Banks, [Brother]
? ? 1882 Garrett, Elizabeth C
30 Jan 1884 Lancaster, Jesse Witfield
3 Feb 1884 Winters, William
4 Feb 1884 Conder (Carroll), Malinda
4 Feb 1884 Conder, Rachel Ann
4 Feb 1884 Hudson, John Riley
6 Apr 1884 Talley (Morehead), Eliza "Lies"
20 Apr 1884 Sealy, William
20 Apr 1884 Sealy (Talley), Mary Ann
20 Apr 1884 Winters (Hudson), Lucretia
20 Apr 1884 Winters, L. Catherine
20 Apr 1884 Turner, Nancy "Josie"*
11 May 1884 Talley, Andrew Jackson
11 May 1884 Willis, William
11 May 1884 Willis, Fanny Martha Angeline
12 May 1884 Conder, Lavicia Jane
12 May 1884 Conder, William Martin
12 May 1884 Winters, Lewis Sherman
12 May 1884 Winters, Joel
12 May 1884 Talley, George Thomas
25 May 1884 Carroll, John Thomas
25 May 1884 Talley, Banester "Bash"
26 May 1884 Carroll (Quillin), Sarah Jane
26 May 1884 Carroll (Pope), Juda Clemant


Ardis Parshall said...

If I've ever heard mentioned the number of church members there, it didn't sink in -- seeing them all listed here by name is very powerful. That you have been able to make this much progress at identifying the witnesses to the massacre is astounding, given that 19th century history (not just Mormon, but all Western history) tends to memorialize only the leaders, not the rank and file. Keep it up!

BruceCrow said...


This list was one of my first goals when I started investigating the Massacre. I figured one of them would have left another eyewitness account. So far, no luck. A significant number of these people (compared to today) could read, but could not write, which probably limited the number of firsthand accounts.

Jared T. said...

Thanks, Bruce. Keep it up!

Be sure to let us know next time you come out to Salt Lake.

BruceCrow said...

Thanks. I'll let you know when I'm headed that way.