Thursday, July 9, 2009

Turkey Creek Branch (corrections)

A reader recently corrected me that the Waverly Branch is not yet a Ward. Apparently the writer of the history is not a member and was not aware of this nuanced difference. I am usually better at checking facts. A quick check on the Meeting House Locater confirmed the correction. But by asking for more information, I was also able to collect some additional details in the process.

When the Nashville Stake was formed, December 6, 1970, the Turkey Creek Branch was turned into a "Dependent Sunday School" of the Clarksville Ward. There it remained until it was re-organised into the Turkey Creek Branch in 1976.

On December 2, 1979, when the Nashville, Tennessee Stake was split, the Turkey Creek Branch became part of the new Franklin, Tennessee Stake.

The Turkey Creek Chapel was retired from use in the Fall of 1980, when the meeting house in Waverly was built. At that time the name was changed from the Turkey Creek Branch to the Waverly Branch. Sadly, the Old Chapel burned to the ground in 1985.

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