Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Day Outside the Mormon Curtain

As I write this the Mormon world is preparing the celebrate Pioneer Day. OK, maybe just the Mormons in the west. Here in Tennessee our ward is not even acknowledging the date. No activity. Maybe just some pioneer themed talks in Sunday School (I gave one such talk last year). Elements in our ward have decided to take things into their own hands. The Relief Society is hosting an pioneer themed enrichment meeting... next week. OK, it is close enough, I guess.

When I was a child my father moved us around every couple of years. We spent some of it in Tennessee, but we spent more of it in Massachusetts, Virginia, California, Wisconsin and Connecticut. We always celebrated Pioneer day. In Knoxville, I had a wagon we made a little cover for and the Primary had a parade around the chapel. We dressed up in our best western costumes and played cowboys and, well, pioneers. [I don't recall any Indians.] I don't see that anymore.

Are there other areas outside the inter mountain west where Pioneer Day is largely ignored?

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