Friday, July 3, 2009

Crockett County Mobbing Part 3

In the Deseret News dated September 12, 1888 appeared an article describing the mobbing in Crockett County. It was based on a letter written by one of the Elders, though which one the paper does not say. The article differs only in some of the details. The number of lashes for each Elder was estimated at 45, and the first Elder to answer that they would leave and promise not to return was Elder Wright. The letter writer did not condemn him for speaking first, but agreed it was the only prudent action.

In addition we learn that Brother Brooks was also dragged from the house after being hit in the head with a club. Although he was not whipped as the Elders were, he was forced to watch, perhaps under the hope that he would learn something from the experience and renounce the Mormons. Elder Wright had a similar gash on his forehead.

The next Day President of the Conference, Elder Wright directed Elder Fuller and Elder Holt to leave for Weekley County. Elder Wright and Elder Douglas stayed for a couple of days but eventually joined them. There they rested and recuperated from their wounds.


Tod Robbins said...

Just curious whether dusting of the feet appears more often in the Southern States Mission accounts?

Tod Robbins said...

I know this is kind of unrelated but I have a new post on territorial legislators in Utah (1853-1883):

BruceAllen said...

I've only run across a handful of foot washing/dusting incidents. But since I haven't read much outside the Southern States Mission I have nothing to compare it against.

And you are right, it is kind of unrelated, but interesting nonetheless.