Saturday, May 30, 2009

Journals of Early Mormons

Another great source for journals, letters and other writings of early Mormons is at BOAP's web site. BOAP stands for the Book of Abraham Project. But there is so much more there. I'll let you explore to find the details on your own. I found...

Some members with a connection to Tennessee;

Henry G Boyle: an early Southern States Mission President.

David W. Patten: an early missionary in Tennessee (he was also in the Quorum of the Twelve, and one of the first martyrs)

Wilford Woodruff: a companion of Patten and was in charge of the mission for a while, so was the equivalent of a mission president in Tennessee before there were mission presidents (he also held some other positions in Church leadership).

In addition to Mormons with connections to Tennessee, there were a few relatives of mine;

Vinson Knight: One of the first four Bishops in Nauvoo. He wrote a letter describing events in Far West, Missouri.

Gilbert Belnap: Joined he church as a young man. He once spied on an anti Mormon mob assembling at Carthage.

Charles Lambert: He worked on the Nauvoo temple, even staying long after the rest of the saints left so it could be finished.

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