Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Threatening Note

Elder Gibbs transcribed the note left on the burned down church. He admits to correcting some but not all of the spelling errors. The original note is supposed to be in the John H Gibbs collection at BYU.

This is the last time that we will notify you that we will not have any more mormons preaching in Hickman Perry and Lewis Counties we are the [Shiloh] men and we are going to have it as we will take some or all of lives for we know too much about them for to have any more of it carried op in this county it is a long way from here and we dont want to come back for if we do it wont be good for you as about one hundred and fifty or that if they are needed it has been good long while since we traveled any but our men is ready to start at any time we are called out. I have been in Shiloh for some time and I did not know you were so many in this parts of the country until I recd a letter from one of my friends who told me that he wanted me to come with my men and drive you out and I will do it if you dont leave at this order we will use these hickory (they put several hickories at the tree stump and to these they refer) freely whenever we come up with the ones that keeps them around. They will suffer just as much as the preachers themselves: the book speeks of faulty teachers. and you are them you are the low down scrapings of the devil and we are going to stop it if we will have to cause wor.

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