Saturday, March 21, 2009

Elder Gibbs meets Parsons Vandever & Henson

The following passage is quoted from an undate entry in Elder Gibbs journal. The entry is on page 26 of the first volume. This journal entry and an interview with John Westbrook in the Deseret News, are the only two sources for claiming David Hinson was a Minister. Both claims are quite weak. The Westbrook interview I'll quote later. This one you can judge for yourself. Note that there were at least two unrelated Hinson families in the area, both were large.
Dialogue between a Mormon
Preached and two Reverand Divines
named respectively Vandever & Henson
of the Baptist and Methodist faith.
At Hohenwald I was riding through
the Main street in Company with Elder
Jones and came up to these Ministers,
the following ensued dialogue passed,
Mormon. Howdy Mr. Vandever?
Baptist. I have no howdy for you.
Mr. Are you well Mr. Vandever?
Bap. None of your business- you can go
right along that road Mr Gibbs, I have
no use for you, and dont want you
Mor. What have I done Mr. Vandever?
Bap. Nothing- but-but-I dont want you
around my premises. I have bought
and paid for this place and it is my
own and I dont want you here.
Mor Have I ever disputed your right and
title to these premises Mr. Vandever?
Bap. No- but- but- they are mine &
I dont want you on them
Mor. Wheren have I offended or done
you any wrong?
Bap. No where mor at any time but
I have no use for you. so you
can go right along the road.
Mor. Guess we have a right away
to the road. Mr. Vandever?
Have I ever offended you in any
way, or done you any harm?
Bap. No but your presence annoys me,
Mor. Oh! well M: Vandever if my
presence is odious to you why I
will leave. good day Mr. Vandever
good day Mr. Hensen.
Bap. & Methodist was silent.
[23] I omitted the part of the methodist
After speaking to the Baptist Minister
& recd. no reply. I turned to Mr.Henson
the Methodist minister and said to him
" How do you do? But recd no answer
Here is an instance where two representatives
of righteousness collueagued against a poor
mormon for telling them their errors.
I see nothing to indicate this Rev Henson is the same as the David Hinson who was killed at the Cane Creek Massacre.

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