Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ross Kelley

In the course of my research on Cane Creek, I ran across a reference to a Mormon missionary being shot in Hawkins county, Tennessee. I'm still looking for more info on this. So far he does not appear in any of the missionary journals to which I have access. Nor do I find an obvious match in any of my Mormon sources.

New York Times 8-19-1884
Nashville, Tenn. ... Intelligence has been received that a Mormon preacher in Hawkins County has been shot and very seriously wounded by a negro. There are several Mormons there, and the sentiment is strong against them. Whether the negro wounded the Mormon at the instigation of others or upon his own account is not known.

New York Times 8-23-1884
Nashville, Tenn. ... Ross Kelley, the Mormon Elder who was shot in Hawkins County, is out of danger. Kelley was sitting on the porch of Col. Greene, when a negro named Cantrell fired at him from a point of concealment near the house.


Ardis Parshall said...

I don't find "Ross Kell[e]y" appearing in the Utah digital newspapers anytime in the 19th century. You'd think an attack on a Mormon missionary where one was actually shot and not just shot at would have been mentioned in the Deseret News, and probably the other two Salt Lake papers.

Interesting puzzle.

BruceCrow said...

I found a record in the Family History Library Card Catalogue called The Missionary Record Index. It may have some info on Ross Kelley, but I would have to order a whole reel just to look up one name. So I'll just make a list and on my next trip to Utah I will look up several names of some missionaries I have questions about.