Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Church Archives - Update

Three weeks ago I posted about my first attempt requesting materials from the the Church History Library and Archives. Yesterday I received an email in response. In it the archivist (thank you, Christine) confirmed that they were sending copies of the manuscripts I requested. They should be sent in early January 2009. In addition, she anticipated that I might be interested in a couple of other things they had. She included a missionary journal I did not know existed and a couple of photographs related to my research.

She also had some great advice about how I could find the items they did not have. And not just general "try this" advice. But detailed advice. Even suggesting four specific places to find what I was looking for and the name of other books in which I could get additional info. In all, I would say excellent service.

I am very excited about what will be on those manuscripts, especially the one I didn't know about.


MainTour said...

Great Article.

The best Christmas gift I got last week was a nice big hardbound book of my family history.

Bruce Crow said...

That is awsome. And hardbound too?! I have several binders, but the hardbound is a nice touch. Ever consider putting some onine? I've only just started and I have met a couple of distant cousins already

seth Nicholes said...


Whats up Buddy!! How has your life been?

seth Nicholes