Monday, November 17, 2008

Practical Jokes on those you love

Elder John H. Gibbs was known for being an outgoing fellow, not above playing a prank on someone. Elder Willis E. Robison recorded this in his journal on Saturday, March 8th, 1884

Weather Cloudy all day. After Breakfast this morning we went down the creek about half a mile and visited Bro Wm Winters after which we went up the creek to Bro James [Condors] where I was introduced to the family. Bro C. was out hunting squirels (sic) and as he was a Jocular man and one very devoted to his religon(sic) also. Bro Gibbs concieved (sic) the plan of playing a joke on him. by me assuming the Role of a Baptist preacher who had come to talk to him about Mormonism The whole family entered into the joke, and Bro Gibbs went to a neighbors as That he would not be seen. When Bro Condor came in I spoke to him relative to the meeting I understood the Mormons were intending to hold at his place tomorrow and of my desire to be present and hear them. We conversed some few minutes on diferent (sic) topics pertaining to them. I told him I had heard the L.D.S. frequently spoken of but generaly (sic) with disrespect & during our converstaion (sic) he had been [staring] intently at me and finaly (sic) said. You cant (sic) fool me on them eyes. You are an Elder yourself. so I was compelled to admit the fact. and that he was able to distinguish Mormons on sight.
On August 10th, Elder Robison was in Shady Grove in the next county when he heard rumours about Elder Gibbs and others being killed at the Condor home, he risked his life by sneaking his way to the Condor's house, passing himself off as a wandering laborer by removing his garments (and hiding them in a tree) and possibly accepting chewing tobacco when offered. His principle purpose was to determine the welfare of the members of the branch and who of the Elders were truly killed. His courage speaks for the love he truly had for those he served.


Ardis Parshall said...

Love it! both the joke and the way Bro. Conder saw through it.

I need to remember this episode. Sometimes one event -- like the massacre -- is so overwhelming that I tend to forget that it doesn't represent the totality of a man's life or personality.

BruceC said...

The eyes gave him away, apparently, which are the window to the soul, so the saying goes.

Brother Condor wasn't the first, or the last, to notice there was something different about those set apart to do the work or the Lord.