Friday, October 10, 2008

Expelled from the Creek Nation

From the Fort Smith Herald, quoted in the Nashville Daily Gazette on Aug 23 1857.

At a recent council of the chiefs and head men of the Creek nation a series of resolutions were unanimously adopted authorizing and commanding the National Light Horse, to find out and drive from the limits of the Creek community everything that [illegible] of Mormon

The illegible word ended in "-vored". Enough space was smudged for probably 2 letters. Any suggestions?

I had never heard of this particular event, though it doesn't surprise me that I had not. Anyone know any more about it?

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BruceC said...

I've been told that this is related to the the death of Parley P Pratt. The events leading up to his dealth culminated in the Creek Nation and at Fort Smith in May of 1857.