Friday, September 5, 2008

New Family Search dot Org

I'm having som fun with While I have thought it was high time the technology the church was using caught up with the other offerings online, this isn't quite it. Don't get me wrong. It is much closer. And I understand that it is in the pilot stage. But to be honest, I fell like a beta tester.

I love that I can add people in real time. I love that I and my parents are in the data base. I love that I can print off temple ready names from home and take them strait to the temple.

I don't like that the online database has every error anyone has ever made in my family line perpetuated forever. I don't like that when I make a mistake it takes me an hour to fix it. I don't like that when I run across data that is new that I can't download it. I don't like how although I am signed in I can't connect my wife's side of the family without manually creating a new record just because I'm not related to them closely enough. Come on! They're my in-laws, not strangers.

And one idea that is unrelated to the new software but since I'm in the mood to complain. I want to know when ancestors of mine were first baptised. In fact, each time they were baptised would be great, even if it is a partial date, so long as it was during their lifetime. But the current practice is to use the most current date. So when someone mistakenly does proxy work for someone who had joined during the life, all I see is the the 1949 baptism date when I know they joined the church around 1835.


Ardis Parshall said...

After all these months, I just saw this one today when scanning your list of research tools. D'ya you, my stake in downtown Salt Lake *still* is not allowed to use NFS? And since they shut down the old TempleReady program a couple of months ago, we haven't been able to clear names for temple work since, and there's still no word as to when we'll be permitted on the new system. It stinks. (We can clear temple names if we get a missionary at the FHL to clear them through his or her account -- but since I haven't found a FHL missionary yet who couldn't create more computer problems than an army of technicians could solve, I'm not eager to try that way.)

But I'm commenting because while I haven't been able to try NFS myself, I've heard from others that it has all the problems of the old Ancestral File ("it's AF on steroids!" one friend says). You've added some new twists that I haven't heard from others -- inability to download, not being able to link to in-laws -- that sound like legitimate problems. *sigh* I'm not at all anxious to go to NFS myself, except for this backlog of names I need for the temple.

BruceCrow said...

Yes, it is on steroids. We aren't strapped for resources. We spend a bit of money making our temples look really nice. We could put up thousands of building like the endowment house and have temple work done whereever there enough people gathered to officiate. But we don't. We take the time and effort to make our temples wonderful. Why can't we do that with our software?