Saturday, July 26, 2008

Love letters

In 1921 Allen Crow met his future wife, Alpha Coolbear, at a Farmer's Ward dance. Alpha was visiting with a friend. Since they didn't live near each other, they wrote letters. I don't have many letters that Allen wrote, but Alpha's have survived. Below is an undated letter written by Alpha between 1921 and 1924.
     Dearest Allen:
     Anyway your are the dearest Allen I know.

     We have been invited to another Halloween party. Edna Sims, one of my friends is giving it. It is next Monday so will you please write across that date reserved. We are to come in costume. Don't groan. It is hanging out on the line to dry the witches. I have no time to consult your taste but dont you dare say you wont wear it. I'll tell something that will sure bring you --- now don't get shocked --- I'm going to wear my ears fully exposed to view!!! Will you rub them if they get cold? Adaline says you wont be seen with me but I know you wouldn't miss it. Be carefull the goblins don't get you on the way home tonight because I want a peice of you to kiss Sunday.

P.S. My wouldn't it be awful if someone should get hold of this letter? They would wonder what in the world ails me.


I kissed the last one so hard it blurred.

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