Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heber J Grant

I was noticing how many aspects of Mormonism today were defined during the 26 year presidency of Heber J Grant.
Food storage. It was under Heber J Grant that we were first asked to store a one year supply of food and fuel. We don't get asked about the fuel much anymore. And the time is down to 3 months. But water and funds have been added.
Genealogy. As Ardis pointed out this was when we were asked to put together our four generation pedigree charts. The name has changed to Family History and technology has changed to but "Four generations" is still the mantra.
Word of Wisdom. I read somewhere that it was Heber J Grant that started pressing the issue of the Word of Wisdom, particularly coffee. Any one have something to support this?
Church Welfare. Which started out being called the Church Security Program.
Home teaching. Became a program of Monthly visits in the members' homes.
Seminary and Institute program was finally set up in a way that we would recognise today.
Regular attendence of Sacrament meeting and the Temple.
Others. Are there other aspects I am missing?

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