Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cane Creek Follow up

Hyrum Belnap wrote in his autobiography the following notes with no explanation or date. The dates on the preceding entry was October 26, 1913. Two entries later we find the date February 22, 1914. I assume he obtained this information from John Garrett between these two dates.

John Garrett, Mount Pleasant, Tennessee
The men who killed Gibbs and Berry were: {in Southern Mission}
George Sharop
Arch Brown, dead
William Grimes, dead
David Hinson, dead
Dr. Hugh Plumber, dead
Bob Goodman, dead
Babe Hinson
Thomas Edwards, dead
George Hison
Charles Paxton
Joseph Bates
R. Toomey, dead

Hyrum served in the Southern States Mission from June 1879 until October 1881. He served in an area that included Cane Creek. Many of his entries include places and names familiar to those who have studied the Cane Creek Massacre. In his autobiography he mentions staying at the house of Thomas Hinson on several occasions. This is interesting because Governor Bate of Tennessee indicated that David Hinson was angry with the Elders because of some incident with his family.

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