Friday, June 20, 2008

Parley P Pratt's Autobiography

I have just started reading Parley Pratt's Autobiography. To be honest I don't really like his writing style as much. A little too flowery and wordy. Perhaps even a little hagiographic, if I can use that to describe an autobiography. But his book came so well recommended. It is pretty much a first hand account even if it was written near the end of his life. I'll get through it. I am finding some great gems here and there.
Shortly after hearing the gospel, Parley witnessed what he described as an astronomical event. A string of red lights in the sky forming a line which moved to form a carpenters square and then a compass before fading away. His reaction was one of wonder as you might expect. But I found it odd to find an astronomical "sign of the times" instead of a spiritual vision.
I was thinking I should expand my reading list, but I have few ideas on the relative value of various books. So how can I determin which ones to read first? I was hoping I could solicit some help in collecting and prioritizing the list.

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