Bruce Crow - Bio

Bruce was born outside the Mormon curtain, to a medium sized family by LDS standards. They moved frequently in keeping with his father's Navy career. By the time he went to college he had lived in nine homes in six states, including three years in Knoxville, Tennessee.

After graduating from BYU with a degree in Political Science, Bruce served in the China, Hong Kong Mission. Upon returning home he made his way to Washington D.C. where his met his future wife. They settled in Maryland where Bruce pursued a career in Healthcare Finance and Decision Support. After 13 years working for non-profit hospitals, Bruce was seduced by the dark side and took a consulting job at a for-profit company in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bruce became interested in local LDS history in between consulting gigs in Nashville and started up this blog to document his ever increasing obsession with Mormon history. He shares a home with his wife and three children in rural Tennessee outside of Nashville.